Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Link Round Up: Is TS2 losing popularity?

March is the month for new Sims 2 sites.  Earlier this month freakystyley85 put together a nice, friendly forum that welcomes Sims 2 Addicts and BBS regulars Nicole95 and sleekoduck have come on board as moderators.

Freakystyley85 isn't the only one; another BBS regular, kaykaysims2, created Sims 2 Backup in direct response to EA's failure to maintain their forums.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the forum members are angry when the few threads that are posted have titles like EA Support # 1-650-628-1001 - call and complain and Oi!!!!! EA!!!! Get this sorted!!!!  EA once again proves customer service is rock bottom on their list of priorities by not responding at all.  Good luck following those links.

The one thing EA has managed to get right is their generous offer to match any donations made to support the American Red Cross relief efforts in Japan.  GG for real this time, EA. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shinki and Hilda by *BeatRiSe

Looking for a Rainbow: All Pinket-Tamo's Retro Glasses in a Spectrum of Colours! by CuriousB

"Ridiculous thougths II" Bobby's Biker Nymphy'ed by bewater

[Paranoid Doll] RainY~ Drops Male 01 Neena'd by Elecy

Country Appeal and Casual Country by BlueJeanMomma

Rugs, Paintings and More by RepulsiveDesire

My recolors for the CMC#44 by bcda2525

Summer Living - Ocean Views by Marbi

Summer Living Bedlamp by Krabaten

11 Pastel Way - Basegame, No CC by ekrubynaffit

Pink I Think by SIMply Edward

You can download Pink I Think by SIMply Edward HERE.

Anye Dawn Livingroom Recolor by SIMply Edward

Awesims Simple Desk Recolors by limabean

Shakeshaft's Stonebuilt Fireplace RCs by limabean

Toddler Male Long Sleeve Collection 6 by Birdgurl

Sprog Outerwear by Kayleigh

You can download Sprog Outerwear by Kayleigh HERE.